Paul Liu



*PLD/ Paul Liu Design Consultants Co., Ltd (ShenZhen/Hongkong) Founder & President

*Chairman Of Shenzhen Space Creative Society

*Expert Member Of China Building Decoration Association

*Outstanding Young And Middle-aged Interior Architect Of China

*Expert Member Of Shenzhen Municipal Government Building And Decoration Industry Committee

*Graduate Instructor for the Department of Environmental Art of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

*Editorial Board Members Of <China Interior>


Paul as an experienced Interior Designer who had worked in the field of hospitality design for more th-an 30 years,has been always willing to explore with in his profession, in pursuit of new innovation. He is specialized in resolving complex space planning, his style of design is moderate yet with its own vers-atility , he has his unique way of playing with colorsand forms to create interesting  spaces . Through series of co-operation with brand hotel managementcompanies along with realestate developers ,he has gained many successful on hand experience both inthe aspect of design and also providing Interior Design service as needed .  He truly understood the fundam-ental of  harmony in function and  form  for hotel des-ign, and successfully intergrading the concepts and values of a hotel management company into the char-acteristic of every project.


Paul believes there is a kind of beauty which is timeless and non regionally . It could be understood by both eastern world and western world, in ancient  time or  in  present.  It  transforms  inbetween classic and mord-ern, as it is presented in different ways, act as the ultimate objective both personal and public  in design. By understanding  there is no end to his path in his prefession . By the process of making innovation that touch-es perple's heart, he realized deeply, fredom results from selfdiscipline , space expansion results from conv-ergenc. Innovation that inspires all culture and stands the  test  of  time  is definitely created with piety and devotion from the bottom of his heart.