Founder of Paul Liu Interior Design Company Limited (Shenzhen)
Founder of Paul Liu Design Consultants Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)                Chairman of Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers (SZAID)
Expert Member of Architecture and Decoration Association of the Ministry of Construction in China
Excellent Young and Middle-aged Interior Designer of China
Vice Chairman of World Hotel Association
Expert Member of the Assessment Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Government Building and Decoration Industry
Director of China Environment Art and Design Association
Editorial board members of  China Interior
Visiting Professor of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
Tutor of four main universities of Architecture in China which is Tsinghua University、 Central Academy of Fine Arts、Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts、 Harbin Institute of Technology School of Architecture
Design instructor of Suzhou University

As a designer with twenty-year experience of hotel interior design, Paul Liu always enjoys exploring new knowledge in design and is good at dealing with complicated interior space. Boasting a steady and richly changeable design style, Paul has great distinctive achievement in the treatment of colors and shapes. During the process of co-operating with many international brand hotel management companies and hotel developers, Paul has gained a lot of successful co-operating experience and profoundly knows the harmonious and united way between function and form of five-star hotels, and successfully and ideally combines international hotel managing concept and view of value with the local features of every project.

Paul believes there is a kind of beauty that can freely travel between the East and the West, the ancient times and the modern times, the fashionable styles and the classic ones, which also becomes the aim that their team and each designer pursue. He deeply knows that there is no boundary on the professional way, so in the process of creating projects that can move people, he absolutely understands that freedom comes from self-discipline and space from agglomeration, but yet the classic which can endure through time and not be restricted in the form of East or West inevitably comes from the piety of people’s heart.