• • Research in the Background
     of the space
    • Make an offer and confirm the
     co-operative agreement

    01/Customer Communication
  • • Space Planning
    • Conceptual Direction of Design

    02/Functional Planning
  • • Prospective Renderings of
     The Main Space
    • Elevation and Presentation
     of Material Board

    03/Schematic Design
  • • Construction Drawings of
     the Model Room
    • Development Design of
     Floor Plan
    • Ceiling Plan
    • All Electrical Mapping

    04/Design Development
  • • Produce Arrangement Map of the
     Developing Furniture (Fixed or unfixed)
    • Provide Construction Drawings
    • Provide Material Sample for bidding
    • Provide Material Sample and list of
     decorative items
    • Provide Interior Elevation
    • Provide Detailed drawings of installations

    05/Construction Drawings
  • • Regular Site Visiting
    • On-site Inspection and Problem-solving
    • Assist the Client in Sample Examinations
    • Coordinate in between different professionals

    06/On-site Supervision
  • • Examine the layout of all Furniture
    • Examine the Installation of Lightings
    • Arrangement of Decorative Items

    07/Pre-Opening On- site Service