Radegast Hotel,Beijing
Located in Pan, Jiayuan, Chaoyang District in Beijing, and near scenic Longtan Lake Park to the west, the hotel covers an area of 55000 square meters. It is a luxurious five-star hotel that fully embraces the essence of traditional Chinese culture and the healthy living concept of Taoism.  Different from the previous trend of “Zen” worldwide, “Tao” is focused more on harmony with nature and caring for life. The functional design and innovative concept of the hotel perfectly reflect the fundamental idea of “human beings first”. From the chandelier in the lobby inspired by a cloud looking Chinese herb and usage of plant patterns everywhere to tree peony in the guest rooms, water lilies in the restaurant, decoration of bird cage and ancient musical instrument, the entire hotel space is carefully designed to embrace the classic Chinese culture, up-scale yet low key, elegant yet humble.