Galaxy Dante, Shenzhen
Space has its own “expression”. It brings you different experiences. It affects your motion both in mind and physically. Within an environment, everyone looks for a spot in his (hers) heart where he (she) belongs, searching for the moment of tranquility. Responding to the client’s invitation of a two-level flat in the residence of “Galaxy Dante”, we were appointed to design a show flat which reflects the definition of international urban living. It has to comprehend the needs and taste of residents who come from different culture backgrounds with different living habits, allowing all to find that spot in heart for living. Within the whole space, from foyer to living space, from study room to bedroom, from kitchen to dinning room, design elements from different culture and style converges into one, which inadvertently reveals its elegancy, style and taste and together they has built a new temperament of style with a sense of mystery.